2019 • gemeinsam mit Kenneth Horvath artikel

Exploring the Complex Social Spaces of Higher Education

On the Uses and Challenges of Geometric Data Analysis and Topological Approaches

In: Theory and Method in Higher Education Research. Bd. 4

In this paper, we propose a specific mixed-methods approach for exploring the field of higher education that starts from the concept of social space (Lefebvre 1992; Bourdieu 1995). The notion of social space offers a useful heuristic for a number of problems relevant to higher education research: it shifts our attention to systems of relations between social actors (spatialization), to how these relations become stabilized in and through social and cultural practices, and to the processes of subjectification and positioning linked to these sets of relations. Correspondingly, it has been used rather widely, especially in studies that draw on Bourdieusian relational sociology of education (e.g. Börjesson et al. 2016, Lebaron & Le Roux 2015, Larsen & Beech 2014, Grenfell & Lebaron 2014).


2018 • gemeinsam mit Gabriele Weigand artikel

Persönlichkeitsbildung in digitalisierten Zeiten

In: bbw Beruflicher Bildungsweg. Bd. 6|2018. Jg. 59

2018 • gemeinsam mit Timo Hoyer artikel

Blended Evaluation in digital gestützter Lehre

In: Digitalisierung der Hochschullehre. Neue Anforderungen an die Evaluation? Hg. von Susan Harris-Huemmert, Philipp Pohlenz & Lukas Mitterauer. Münster: Waxmann. 2018

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2018 • gemeinsam mit Mutfried Hartmann artikelpeer-review

The Blended Learning Concept e:t:p:M@Math

Practical Insights and Research Findings

In: Distance Learning, E-Learning and Blended Learning in Mathematics Education. Hg. von Jason Silverman und Veronica Hoyos. ICME-13 Monographs. New York: Springer

2017 • gemeinsam mit Timo Hoyer artikel

Personalisiertes Studieren, reflektiertes Lernen

Eine Analyse des Studierverhaltens in digital gestützter Lehre

In: Erziehungswissenschaft. Bd. 55. Jg. 28. Themenschwerpunkt "Universität 4.0". S. 61–72

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